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Opinion April 2, 2018

From a Samurai to a Human Chair – April 2018 TOP 5 Album Covers

We don’t judge albums by their covers but we always have our audio-visual radars on to spot album artwork that {…}

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May 17, 2018

‘I often draw what I dreamt about, especially when I have nightmares.’

Michalina Redlińska is a visual artist from Poland who designs album artwork for Covercrush. She tells us about her artistic journey, her sources of inspiration and why she loves the {…}

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Other March 18, 2018

When ´Isn’t our life just great?´ means ´I’ll rip your f***ing head off´

Stefan Sagmeister is a visual artist who designs album covers that not only attract attention, but also contain a twist, {…}

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