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The necessity is the mother of invention, as they say:) At some stage in his career, Luis - a professional musician and one of the co-founders of Covercrush - had the material for his new album polished off and ready to release but… he couldn’t find any suitable album artwork. If you’ve ever released your own music, you definitely know that once the material is ready, the only thing you want to do is publish it and see the reaction of your fans. Since there was no available service that would offer good-quality, unique, ready-made album covers, Luis simply decided to create one with his friends. Covercrush was born one year later, after countless hours of writing, planning, programming, designing, consulting and drinking coffee:)

  • Luis MartínezGENERAL MANAGERRead biography

    Luis Martínez was born in Alicante, Spain. He started his career as a musician in a black metal band, alongside Javi, another member of Covercrush Team. He mainly plays the drums and the guitar. He took part in dozens of musical projects across a wide range of genres and he’s also been devoting time to his other passion, which is writing. At the moment, he’s a member of Henry Saiz & Band and he’s developing his own project under the stage name of Maxthor. His experience as a musician helps us define the needs of the artists. Luis supervises and coordinates all areas of Covercrush project and contributes to our blog. He’s very open-minded in terms of music genres, but the music of the 80’s and metal are the closest to his heart.

  • Cynthia NudelART DIRECTORRead biography

    Cynthia Nudel is a visual artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She moved to Spain in 2001 and started working as a photographer in Madrid. She quickly discovered that she needed to explore other means of artistic expression, so she turned to sculpture, painting and various techniques that gave her more freedom to transform her ideas into works of art – you can see some of them on www.cynthianudel.com. She´s a staunch advocate of the belief that in art there should be no formal boundaries and that artists should never be pigeonholed. In Covercrush, Cynthia is the coordinator of the Design Team and one of our most prolific and versatile visual artists. If you want to see some of the album artwork she created for Covercrush, go to her profile.

  • Ewelina KijewskaMARKETING SPECIALISTRead biography

    Ewelina Kijewska is our Content and Marketing Manager. She loves writing and she’s a music addict so Covercrush is her natural habitat. Apart from contributing to our blog and social media, she’s responsible for the communication with our Customers and Designers. If you send her an e-mail, expect a lot of smiley faces in the response:) Ewelina is originally from Poland but she spent 7 years in Ireland, developing her customer service and marketing skills, then moved to Spain to pursue her dream of running a business from a place where she could listen to the sound of waves crashing on the beach (luckily, she found a recording she can listen to in the office;) If she doesn’t answer your email immediately, it probably means she’s at a concert, enjoying a bit of jazz or rock music.

  • Javier FernándezWEB MANAGERRead biography

    Javier Fernández is a musician, web designer/developer/programmer from Alicante, Spain. Our beautiful website is a reflection of Javier´s hard work, passion and attention to detail. He generates ideas at the speed of light and has a unique talent to solve technical problems that seem unsolvable. Other members of Covercrush Team call him Flash - by the time they finish asking him to do something, he´s already got it done. When he doesn´t code, Javier unleashes his musical creativity (and his dark side;) as a keyboard player.

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