FAQ - Customers

Do I need to be registered to browse all the album cover designs?

No, you can browse the entire content of Covercrush Website with no need to be registered. Once you find the perfect album cover and you decide to buy it, you have to register in order to proceed with the transaction.

Are there any limitations to the use of the design I bought?

When you buy an album cover design pack on Covercrush, it's all yours, including all the extras. It's up to you whether you use it only in the digital version or print it on an infinite number of physical album covers, T-shirts etc. Feel free to do so.

How can I be sure that I'm buying a unique album cover design?

All the album covers submitted to Covercush have been designed especially for our website and cannot be found anywhere else. Once the design is sold, it disappears from our Store and nobody else can buy it.

Can I get an invoice for the purchase made on the Website?

Yes, you can ask for an invoice while placing the order. Just fill in the necessary data and we'll send you the invoice by mail within 48 hours of the purchase.

How do I know what size image I should choose?

The basic pack features an image (72 dpi) that serves perfectly for all digital purposes, i.e. it can be used on all music platforms. If you want to print physical album covers, you should choose the upgraded pack, with the 300 dpi image in order to get a good print quality. The same goes for prints on any kind of merchandise, like T-shirts, mugs etc. We always recommend that you get the upgraded pack straight away. You might not be planning to release a physical album at the moment, but you never know what future holds for you.

Can I buy the 300 dpi cover later on?

We understand that you might want to check the reaction to your album before you decide to release the physical album version and before you need to print the cover. That's why we give you the option to come back to us within 6 months of your purchase and get your album cover in the 300 dpi version. After that time, the design disappears from our system.

Can I make changes to the designs I bought?

You can change anything you want in the album cover design you buy on Covercrush. Once you buy it, it's all yours.

Can I contact the author of the album cover I like and buy some artwork directly from him/her?

The designs uploaded on Covercrush Website can be bought only via Covercrush. If you wish to commission a certain artist to create more artwork for you, you can contact that person and discuss further details. We don't provide contact details of our designers, though.

How do I browse the designs?

Go to Home Page. At the top, you'll find three boxes. You can use the drop-down menu to search the album covers by music style, type of art or by keyword. Mark your preferences and hit the Search button below. Alternatively, you can browse the entire catalogue of album covers by clicking the 'Browse all the covers' link located below the Search button on the Home Page.

How do I collect my purchase?

Once the payment is processed, your pack is ready to download. Within a few minutes, the chosen album cover is all yours.

What payment methods are accepted on the Website?

We accept Credit/Debit Card payments and PayPal transfers.

Do I have to list Covercrush in my album credits?

No, of course not but obviously, you can do it if you want to. We always encourage musicians to include the name of the designer of the cover in the credits. When you let your fans know that your album cover was created by a professional, you give them a proof that you put your heart and soul into every detail of the album.

I'm not a musician. Can I still use one of the designs from Covercrush for other purposes than an album cover?

Sure you can! Covercrush designs are made to fit the needs of an album cover but if you want to use it, for example, as a cover of your book, a design for a T-shirt or any other physical or digital product, feel free to do so. Bear in mind that you might have to adjust the shape and size of the design, depending on the purpose.

Will Covercrush promote my album if I buy a cover on your website?

For the time being, our primary goal is to provide album covers, therefore you will need to use other platforms to promote your album. However, we can feature your album on our blog and social media so once you've released it, share it with us so that we can show our followers what kind of music hides behind the album cover.

Can I return the album cover I bought if I'm not happy with it?

Before you make the payment for the chosen album cover, we give you all the technical information about it and we present various images of the design. Once you buy the album cover, we send you all the material without the watermark. Since the product is entirely digital, we cannot accept returns due to security reasons so make sure you think the choice through before you make the payment.

Will Covercrush add my name/ logo/ album title on the album cover I buy on your website?

No, we are not able to do provide this kind of service. We send you a "plain" album cover so that you can decide where to put the text - if any. It's actually quite a simple taks that can be done with any photo editing software and requires no special knowledge. If you don't have Photoshop, we recommend other free programs

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