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‘I often draw what I dreamt about, especially when I have nightmares.’

Michalina Redlińska is a visual artist from Poland who designs album artwork for Covercrush. She tells us about her artistic journey, her sources of inspiration and why she loves the smell of crayons:) How did your artistic journey begin? I’ve been drawing since always – at least that’s what my mom says. My primary school teacher of arts was convinced I would never achieve anything in this area and I thought it would be cool to prove her wrong:) But on a serious note, I started to dedicate my time to arts about four years ago, when I finally decided to present my work online – first on DeviantArt, then on Instagram – and it turned out I can actually do some stuff. What area of visual arts do {…}

´When I create album artwork, I let my intuition carry me away´

Cynthia Nudel is a visual artist born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) who has now lived in Spain for more than a decade. Although she began her career as a photographer, she opened up to other disciplines, such as painting, sculpture and illustration. Her latest project, entitled “Medusa Collective”, is a collective of fictitious artists in which she shows her different facets as a creator. What is special about album cover design that no other artistic format has? Album cover is a very versatile format because it allows me to experiment with different techniques, artistic disciplines and materials. In my case, this is something very interesting because I consider myself a multifaceted person: w {…}
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