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From a Samurai to a Human Chair – April 2018 TOP 5 Album Covers

We don’t judge albums by their covers but we always have our audio-visual radars on to spot album artwork that deserves a thumbs-up. Below, we share a very subjective list of best album covers that accompany the new releases in April 2018. Manic Street Preachers, Resistance is Futile Release date: April 13th, 2018 Do you remember how the Borg in Star Trek integrated beings into their collective? ‘You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.’ were the last words the victims would hear. It looks like the band from Wales are trying to assimilate new fans by force with another, very Manic-Street-Preachery album. And they do it with the help of an armoured samurai on the album cover. The three {…}

Less is More (?)

What do you think when you see an album cover that says practically nothing? Do you reckon that whoever released it, simply didn’t care about the visual aspect of their project because they were so focused on their music? Or are you intrigued and tempted to check if under that plain, sometimes almost boring album artwork there´s a hidden musical treasure? While sometimes this path may be a bit misleading, there are quite a few album covers that instead of screaming with colours, shapes and nudity, simply wink at you and gently tempt you to check what’s inside. The list below is a mix of surprises and disappointments in terms of minimalist covers. Steely Dan – Aja Three colours, two fonts and {…}
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